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Dagger-tooth pike conger is a major commercial species, with annual catches reaching about 350,000 tonnes in recent years. It is a traditional food in Japanese cuisine, where it is known as hamo, Hamo no kawa (pickled conger skins) is a traditional delicacy in Kansai region.

One of China originated fish with great export volume is pike conger or sea eel, as well the fresh water eel which has great name and market in Japan and south Korean. We, ChuanHai group positions in the seafood export heart—Fuqing, Fujian, China, plays a key role among the limited numbers of China dagger-tooth pike conger ( sea-eel) fillet suppliers and exporters.

Conger pike meat has been used as a co-ingredient in creating crab stick. It has been served in many ways in East Asia and getting popular in many other cuisines / countries’ dishes.

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